Le Tendenze per l'Autunno 2023: Un Tuffo nell'Eleganza Accogliente

Trends for Autumn 2023: A Dive into Cozy Elegance

Sep 22, 2023Pietro Gerolimetto

Welcome to autumn, the season that brings with it a fresh breeze and a desire to welcome. And what better way to welcome the new autumn winds than with impeccable style in your home?
Here are the decor trends that will make your spaces shine this season.

Colors of Nature: Earth and Botany

This autumn we abandon monotony and immerse ourselves in the warm colors of the earth and nature. The terracotta, moss green and brown tones transport us directly to an autumn forest. Place soft cushions in these shades on your sofas and experience the cozy charm that nature can bring to your home.

Velvet, the Fabric of Elegance

Velvet is the undisputed protagonist of autumn 2023. Whether you are thinking of a new sofa or decorative cushions, this luxurious fabric adds a note of elegance and comfort. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold colors like midnight blue or burgundy for a touch of opulence.

Cozy Minimalism: Less is more

This fall, embrace the concept of cozy minimalism. Reduce the unnecessary and focus on key pieces that exude warmth and comfort. A solid wood coffee table or a cleanly designed armchair can be the focal point of any room, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

The Art of the Walls: Gallery Walls in Autumn Style

Empty walls are no longer in fashion. Create your own gallery with prints and paintings that reflect the beauty of autumn. Autumn landscapes, falling leaves and botanical motifs will add an artistic and seasonal touch to your walls.

Atmospheric Lights: A Blast of Heat

Lights play a crucial role in fall decor. Replace cold light bulbs with warm, soft lights. Table lamps and candles create an enveloping atmosphere, perfect for quiet evenings or to welcome guests in an intimate atmosphere.

Autumn 2023 is an invitation to explore decor with a natural, elegant and welcoming touch. Experiment with colors, fabrics and lighting to create a space that not only reflects seasonal trends, but makes you feel at home every time you walk in the door. Discover the Novità Home collection and give vent to your creativity.

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