Arredare una Casa al Mare in Perfetto Stile Mediterraneo

Furnishing a Beach House in Perfect Mediterranean Style

Aug 22, 2023Pietro Gerolimetto

The warm and inviting atmosphere of the Mediterranean style, a timeless trend that brings the charm and serenity of the Mediterranean coasts. What better way to furnish your beach house and enjoy a relaxing vacation? Grab a glass of lemonade and get ready to discover how you can embrace this refined simplicity in your interior decorating.

The Color of the Sea and the Sun

The main inspiration of the Mediterranean style comes from the colors of the sea and the sun. Shades of blue, from turquoise to cobalt, blend with bright white and sand tones. This color palette creates a fresh and relaxing background that highlights the furnishings and accessories. The table is the perfect place to use color and make every detail stand out even more. Our colorful Mediterranean Line will win you over.

Natural Materials and Lightweight Fabrics

The use of natural materials is essential to create the Mediterranean atmosphere. Wood, rattan, wicker and ceramics combine in harmony, adding texture and a touch of rusticity. Opt for lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton for curtains and cushions, letting the breeze and natural light dance through your rooms.

Relaxed and Elegant furnishings

The Mediterranean style embraces furniture with simple but elegant lines. Dark or bleached wood furniture is often paired with wrought iron or hand-painted ceramic details. Choose pieces that convey a sense of comfort and invite you to relax. If you are looking for the right combination of the softness of wood and the character of iron, take a look at our Higher Line .

Handcrafted and Artistically Intricate Details

The handcrafted details are the icing on the cake of the Mediterranean style. Hand painted ceramics, mosaics and decorated tiles add a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to your home. Experiment with colorful ceramic vases, carved mirrors and wrought iron lamps.

Open spaces as an extension of the interior

The exterior is an integral part of the Mediterranean style. Create a cozy outdoor atmosphere with wrought iron tables, folding chairs, and Mediterranean plants like olive trees and lavender. This space will be perfect for enjoying al fresco dining and moments of relaxation under the sun. Check out our outdoor line.

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