The Magic of Travel Inside Your Home

Home is much more than just a place. With its accessories, its shapes and its personality it becomes in all respects the reflection of what we are and live every day. This is why we research, find and bring you unique and original pieces of furniture that can best express all the character and particularity that your home deserves.

Our Inspiration

A passion for travel, for wandering in search of new perspectives and distant horizons. Our adventure begins here, a family story made of research and connections that unite cultures and traditions from all parts of the world. Bright colors of fine Indonesian fabrics, noble woods and inlays of Chinese cabinets, elegant embroidery of Indian cushions, soft Kurdish silk curtains. The house comes alive with the history and charm of distant lands, taking us every day on an unforgettable journey to say the least.

Our Story

The adventure began in the early 1980s with the brilliant intuition of Stefano Cerretelli : researching and finding objects from remote countries, with a character still little known in Italy, directly in his own Tuscan shop. Thus Novità Import was born and specializes in the import of handcrafted objects from all over the world, giving life to a unique style that still distinguishes it today.

The Unique Pieces

During his travels Stefano also comes across various abandoned pieces of furniture and objects, and despite their now decadent appearance, he remains fascinated by the stories and character that these forgotten pieces bring with them. So he decides, through a careful restoration, to give them new life by bringing them to his shop and creating truly original pieces, perfect for giving every home an element of uniqueness and particularity.