Lighting Design: gli ultimi trend

Lighting Design: the latest trends

Feb 08, 2022Pietro Gerolimetto

Lighting is certainly one of the first things we notice when we enter a room. The eye is immediately influenced, but also and above all our mood and the perception of that space as more or less welcoming.

Light also plays a fundamental role in our everyday life: the absence of light can make us tired and apathetic, while its presence keeps us more active and concentrated, giving us well-being and tranquillity.

However, choosing the right type of lighting for your home is not a simple task. That's why we thought we'd give you some new inspiration to take inspiration from.



Simplicity of materials and colors gives the rooms a touch of natural elegance. Monochromatic lamps are the perfect solution for creating the right atmosphere for any environment and giving vitality and character thanks to a play of neutral or bold shades.

Geometric and industrial shapes installed in contrast to lamps with soft and sinuous lines can give an even more original touch.


Some lamps can be much more than just lighting elements.

Choosing table or floor lamps with sculptural shapes and a bold design will not only give light to your spaces, but also a lot of personality, becoming real works of art. Plus, they're so versatile they can be placed virtually anywhere: to accent a sideboard or console, next to an armchair to create a reading spot, or next to a piece of furniture to accent other furnishings.


Ceiling lighting is one of the most classic, practical and functional solutions. If inserted in the right way, however, they can become elegant and extravagant elements. This is above all the case of the chandeliers which, placed in open spaces or in large living rooms, become real protagonists capable of catching all eyes. There are many solutions, from single to multiple to customized ones.


Designer lamps and vintage pieces remain among the most interesting solutions. With this type of lighting, the game of balances is fundamental, which will help to enhance them and make them true protagonists of the environments. They are also suitable for more modern and informal environments, especially if accompanied by spotlights and light points that highlight them.


It may seem obvious, but LED lamps are always the perfect allies to offer the right touch of light and style to any type of environment, also with a nod to luminous efficiency and energy saving.

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