Trend Edit | Design Inspo 2022 a Natural Home

TrendEdit | Design Inspo 2022 at Natural Home

Feb 21, 2022Shop Glint

What are the new 2022 trends for furnishing your home?

Here are the 4 trends for Interior Design lovers:


After another year of closures there has been and will continue to be a trend throughout 2022 and beyond, the desire to connect with the natural world , this leads us to the desire to recreate large spaces and relaxing environments by experiencing a visual connection with the nature. The type of design from which we take inspiration is the biophilic one, which blends human and ecological well-being with that of the environment in which we live. This translates into: large windows, colors that recall the elements of the natural world, the use of materials such as wood and stone and the integration and simulation of forms of nature in our space.


Strong colors reminiscent of the 60s and 70s and green in all its shades. Particular models and unique pieces for your home can make your rooms exclusive. Combine the naturalness of the green of a checkered pattern carpet with an inlaid wooden bookcase , they will give your living room a strong character.

Cubic - bookcase with two shelves and one door


The sustainability trend will ride the wave throughout 2022 and beyond, as it should be.
More and more furniture lovers are moving towards conscious design choices and many designers are proposing eco-friendly materials to be used for the long-term health of our ecosystem, both for the creation of new products and for the recycling of existing items .
For your living room, mix minimal and elegant products with objects made with recycled materials, such as a table made from an old cistern.


The rounded furnishings bring a fresh and soft feeling to your rooms. From the curved corners within walls and cabinets, to the curved backs of sofas, dining chairs and arched cabinets, the angular line of furniture softens. The combination of wood and glass gives a touch of warmth and relaxation to your room. Discover the unique pieces of our collection such as this coffee table .

Crab-shaped wooden base coffee table with glass

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