Note di viaggio |  la spiritualità di Benares - India

Travel Notes | the spirituality of Benares - India

Apr 13, 2022Shop Glint

Sacred city that rises on the banks of the ganges, Benares or Varanasi is the spiritual stage par excellence of India.

Between spirituality, death and rebirth, Benares is not so much a place to visit for its tourist attractions but for the almost mystical experience that derives from it.

For many of those who visit this place, an inner change takes place, and in a few moments, as soon as you set foot on the steps of the ghats, you perceive a unique sensation.

The ghats are huge steps that lead to the banks of the Ganges River, where thousands of faithful immerse themselves in the sacred waters every day to perform ablutions (puja ) , to wash or to cremate their loved ones. It is the place where every Indian hopes to die one day.

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In addition to attending the sacred rite of cremation, an inevitable tour to do is the one through the narrow streets of the old city .

One of Hinduism's seven sacred cities, Benares is home to a huge amount of temples scattered throughout the city. From large buildings such as that of the Vishwanath Temple, a temple dedicated to Shiva made with 800 kg of gold, to smaller temples kept inside homes.

Not only temples: merchants of all kinds, pilgrims and tourists walk through the city centre, buying local products and tasting typical Indian dishes. You can bring a piece of India home by negotiating with local vendors or marvel at the beauty of Indian style in all its forms: quirky yet soothing colours, materials and décor.

Here spirituality gives way to chaos. A chaos that every traveler carries within himself forever.

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