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Celebrate with us the arrival of the hottest and most holiday month of the year with our Summer Sale. Don't miss out on all the original style of our home collection at a discounted price, only for these months.

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Novita home_GK-799_Ciotola vetro mosaico_1
Novita home_Ciotola vetro mosaico_2
$12.47 $19.42
Mosaic glass bowl
Novita home_GKT-65_Cuscino - boutons_1
Novita home_Cuscino - boutons_2
$15.67 $24.38
Pillow - boutons
Novita home_GF-660_Decorazione da appendere vele_1
Novita home_Decorazione da appendere vele_2
Novita home_KK-68/A_Ciotola zuppa bianca_1
Novita home_Ciotola zuppa bianca_2
Novita home_Ciotola zuppa bianca_3
$6.84 $10.81
White soup bowl
Novita home_GKC-04/BEIGE_Cuscino jaquard 50x50 con frange_1
Novita home_Cuscino jaquard 50x50 con frange_2
Novita home_Cuscino jaquard 50x50 con frange_9
Sold Out -36%
Novita home_GS-108_Decor tre specchi_1
Novita home_Decor tre specchi_2
Novita home_Decor tre specchi_3
$111.44 $174.33
Decor three mirrors
Novita home_LK-19_Mensole set 1/2_1
Novita home_Mensole set 1/2_2
Novita home_Mensole set 1/2_3
$41.93 $66.20
Shelves set 1/2
Novita home_GKT-28/B_Pelosotto - cuscino blue_1
Novita home_Pelosotto - cuscino blue_2
Novita home_Pelosotto - cuscino blue_9
Novita home_GS-84/M_Porta foto cavalletto_1
Novita home_Porta foto cavalletto_2
$27.25 $43.03
Easel photo holder
Novita home_TD-03/YELLOW_Pouf in pp maialino giallo_1
Novita home_Pouf in pp maialino giallo_2
Novita home_Pouf in pp maialino giallo_4
Novita home_Pouf in pp maialino giallo_5
$73.93 $115.85
Yellow pig pp pouf
Novita home_TD-03/PINK_Pouf in pp maialino rosa_1
Novita home_Pouf in pp maialino rosa_2
Novita home_Pouf in pp maialino rosa_3
Novita home_Pouf in pp maialino rosa_4
$73.93 $115.85
Pink pig pp pouf
Novita home_GF-659_Specchio ovale metallo da appendere_1
Novita home_Specchio ovale metallo da appendere_2
Novita home_GS-193_Words - born to hunt_1
Novita home_Words - born to hunt_2
Sold Out -37%