Arredare la tua casa: i trend del 2023

Furnishing your home: the trends of 2023

Jan 06, 2023Pietro Gerolimetto

2022 has come to an end and the arrival of the new gives us the opportunity to formulate our personal resolutions. If furnishing your home is one of them, don't miss the new home decor trends of 2023.

Natural Inspiration

Among the trends of the new year, the one that invites us to include elements with a natural theme in our environments still remains and is strengthened, starting from the colors, wall prints up to real plants. The concept of well-being therefore remains central in the furnishing of one's spaces, which is expressed thanks to fabrics such as cotton or velvet , and materials such as natural wood or stone.

Space for color

In 2023 there will be no lack of colors, those that give calm and serenity, creating the perfect environment to feel happy. The lavender color seems to be confirmed as the true protagonist of this year, but pink, light blue and green also remain valid, all shades capable of creating peace and serenity.

Curves and sinuosity

Architectural and design details such as arches and round and curved shapes will continue to characterize the style of our homes in the new year. Freedom for furniture with rounded shapes, round carpets and sofas with sinuous and harmonious silhouettes. But the curves won't stop there. We will also see details with rounded shapes on windows, doors, mirrors, shelves and niches.

Absolute well-being

The concept of a healthy lifestyle has gained more and more space in recent years, and this year we will also see a lot in design. In fact, even the environment in which we live will have to adapt to a healthier and more natural life, thus helping us to maintain our emotional well-being.
This translates into decorated and well-designed spaces from organization to finishes: there will be small areas dedicated to relaxation such as reading corners, chaise longues and green balconies.

Whatever trend you decide to recreate in your home in 2023, remember to always follow your style and express all your personality within your spaces. Check out our selections for all styles.

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